Social Media Marketing Support

Get a bit of help from your friends…

Ever gone to Facebook and found they’ve moved things? Or perhaps you’ve got stuck with your social media strategy? Or maybe you want to run something past someone before you post? You just need a bit of social media support.

We can help – providing that extra social media support as and when you need it. Many companies handle their own social media and make a great job of it. They give their social media accounts a genuine voice and engage well with their followers. But it takes time to do it well and handling your company’s social media may not even be your main job. So you may not always have the time to keep up with changes to the social media tools you use or to make the most of your company’s social marketing opportunities.

The extra things we can do for you

Our additional services include:

  • Digital overview – looking at how your overall digital presence (website, social media accounts etc) are reflecting your business and how well integrated they are.
  • Email support – for when you want to have someone to ask.
  • Phone/on-site mentoring and support – perhaps you’re getting on OK but you’d like to have someone to review what you’re doing and advise on how you could do it better.

Anything we haven’t covered? Always ask! If it’s not something we offer then we can always direct you to our trusted partners. We’ll make sure you’re in good hands.