Cookies and Privacy Policy

There are some things that we think you should know about how we use cookies and how we handle your privacy. If you have any questions then please get in touch privacy@florizelmedia.com


Cookies are small pieces of code which we use to help make the website run more effectively. We don’t have any advertising on our site so you won’t come across any of the more invasive cookies here – ours are quite small and sweet.

We use the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics. This shows us how many visitors we get to the website, where they come from (no, not your home address!), how long they stay, which pages they visited and how they got here (from another page, from an advert, from organic search etc). It also tells us things like the browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc) that people use. All this information helps us see how well the site works and helps us keep improving it.
  • Sharing software.  We use Add This which lets you share our content over a wider range of social networks. For this to function it places a cookie on your computer so that the software knows that you’ve visited.
  • Facebook. We use a Facebook plugin which allows you to share what you read with your Facebook friends (please do!) and also highlights other content on the site that you might be interested in.
  • Twitter. We have a Twitter widget which shows what we’ve been tweeting about and also lets you follow us and tweet back.

Get rid of those dang cookies!

If you want to disable cookies altogether you can do this through your browser settings however you should be aware that it can really mess up your experience on some websites (especially ones with shopping trollies).

To find out more about cookies, how to block them and a whole lot more you could check out All About Cookies


We take your privacy very seriously and we are registered with the Information Commissioner.

We do collect some other information which is personally identifiable. We obtain this information either because you are a client of Florizel Media, you work for Florizel Media, you’ve signed up for our newsletter or you’ve enquired about our services.

We take great care with this information and we never, ever sell it to other companies or advertisers. Neither do we give it away free to them. The only time that this data will be transferred to anther company is if Florizel Media is purchased however we have no plans for that at this time.

The only time that we will disclose any of this personal information is either with your permission or if we are required to by law.

You can request details of personal information that we may hold about you. Provision of such information may be subject to the payment of a fee (currently fixed at £10.00).

Any questions about this privacy policy? Or our treatment of your personal data? Then please contact us by email privacy@florizelmedia.com

The data controller responsible for our website is Florizel Media Ltd and our data protection registration number is Z1672792

Other websites

As you browse through this website you’ll find links to other, external websites. Whilst we are careful who we link to please be aware that we have absolutely no control over the content of these sites. We wish we were that powerful but unfortunately we’re not! Sometimes content on other sites can change since we linked to them – if you spot a broken link, or find that we are linking to something that isn’t too nice we’d be eternally grateful if you let us know!