You may have used social media to search for staff for your business but now Facebook has come along to make it a bit easier.

They have just added a new post type which enables you to post a vacancy to your business Facebook page. Prospective employees can apply directly back to you and their application will end up in your Messenger inbox. You can mark up the progress of the application and arrange an interview time. While this probably isn’t as sophisticated as large organisations might want, I think it will be ideal for small businesses. Read on for a quick run through the process. Screen clips are shown in the gallery.

Create a job post

There’s a straightforward form to complete and you can add a photo. You can also add questions – free text, yes/no and multiple choice. Use these to gather information from your applicant – for example, a yes/no question as to whether they hold a driving licence or a free text question for them to describe skills or experience.

Once you’re happy with the form you can post it. It will appear on your page as a post plus in a new tab on the side of your page where your vacancies are listed. The post stays active for 30 days unless you close it off before that.

At this point you can also decide whether you want to boost the post – if you do make sure that you target it well using geographic, age, interests as appropriate.

Someone applies for the job

When someone clicks Apply Now, Facebook will return a form for them to complete which will include the questions that you’ve asked. It will also pull information from their profile related to a job application including places they’ve worked and education, that they’ve added to their profile. They get the chance to amend these when they complete the form. They return the form to you.

You receive their application

You’ll get a notification on Facebook and a message in your page’s inbox. You’ll also get notified by email if you’ve added an email address. Once you’re read through the application you can then indicate what you are going to do next, contact the applicant and arrange an interview time with them.

And that’s it!

Pretty straightforward and nicely designed. I think it should be useful for small business and creates a professional approach to recruitment. Have you used this yet? What did you think?

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