Getting the most from Facebook post types

Next time you’re posting on Facebook, slow down and look at the post types that are available. With a bit of thought you can make your post much more useful to you and your audience. In this article we’re going to run through the main types of post and how you could use them to good effect.

Share a photo or video

This post type offers you a range of photo and video options, including creating a video from still images. Instead of just uploading a photo you can choose from five different options:

  1. Upload photo(s) or video – the normal option you’d get if you’d clicked the add photo button on a post
  2. Create a photo album – a great way to organise images under a particular topic and you can add photos to the album at a later date. These will show as a separate post.
  3. Create a photo carousel. You can add a link to each photo – these could be products on your website or examples of your work. Think creatively!
  4. Create a slideshow. This is a great way of making mini videos. You can use between 3 and 10 images which can be photos or graphics or a mixture of both. On top of that you can download the video once it’s been created and you’ll get an MP4 file which you can use in other places like Twitter. Bonus! Watch the slideshow video of this on our Facebook page which demonstrates this.
  5. Create a canvas. This is a more complex procedure which creates a mixed media experience for mobile (which means it won’t show on desktop versions of Facebook). For more information check the Facebook Canvas pages.

Advertise your business

This post type takes you into the Facebook advertising system where you get a range of options to choose from, depending on what you want your advert to do – whether it is to add likes to your page or get more calls to your business, there will be an option for you to try. And remember, you can always stop an ad promotion at any time if you feel it isn’t working how you want.

Get phone calls or Get Messages

This is a great option if you’d like people to call your business or send you a private message. It places a Call Now or Message button on your post which makes it much easier for the person who has viewed your post to follow up with you. It gets the phone number from your Facebook page settings so do check that you have the correct number there!

Help people find your business

This post type is set up in exactly the same way as the Call and Message options. This time you get a button with a link to a map for directions – check that you have the correct address on your Facebook page if you’re going to use this one!

Create an event

Use this post type if you are holding any sort of event. You can set location, ticket price, times and a link to booking. If you use Eventbrite for your events you can use their add to Facebook tool so that your customers can book directly from Facebook.

Create an offer

Want to give your customers a discount or maybe a free gift? Then the Offer post type is worth a look. You can set expiry dates and times, make the offer available in store or online or both. And you can add a promo code so that you can trigger it in your ecommerce system and track the source of the discount. Unfortunately, you can’t limit how many offer codes are available so be careful it doesn’t cost you more than you expect.

Write a note

A note is a bit like a post however you can add photos, embed content and format your text with headings and lists. All this can make longer posts a bit easier to read and more attractive to look at. You can also add a cover image and you can tag people and pages in the note and they will be notified of this. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you can’t boost notes.

Facebook live

Ready to stream your consciousness online? Then select the Start a Live Video post type and get ready to meet your audience! It’s a great way of doing a demonstration, getting feedback, or just having a Q&A with your followers. And remember, your live event can be watched again later by anyone who missed it or those who want to watch it again.

Other stuff

No doubt Facebook will add other options to this over time so keep an eye on these post types and be a bit more creative!

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