Digital Media Consultancy

Sometimes your digital needs are not clear cut. You need someone to sit down with you and tease out the issues and then help you develop a strategy to deal with them. That’s where Florizel Media consultancy comes in.

Digital Health Check

The first thing that you need might be an in-depth analysis of where you are at the moment – your website, social media and digital marketing. Our audit services come into play at this point – a check through all of your current digital properties and feedback on how you could improve their effectiveness.

Consultancy Options

Help is available in several areas:

  • Social media. A review your current situation and advice on how you can make your social media activity more effective. Help with developing a strategy that works for your business and bespoke training for your staff.
  • Website and SEO. An effective website is crucial in today’s world. Get a review of your current website content and strategy and help to make it easier to use for your visitors. Additionally, improve your website’s SEO so that it is easier to find in search.
  • Ecommerce. If you’re thinking of selling online get help setting up your site with one of the leading frameworks – Shopify.