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The week before Christmas…

You know I love the 1st January – there’s a whole crisp. fresh year ahead! Between Christmas and New Year I like to get the filing done, the accounts up to date and have a clear idea of what I want to achieve in the coming months.

Merry Christmas

Florizel Media has been pretty busy this year and one of the things that has slipped has been the blog. I’ve just been looking back at the web traffic and this has dropped off a bit of late, in fact since I stopped blogging regularly. Now, I know that blogging is supposed to be good for your SEO but just looking at the stats and seeing the results has really brought it home to me. For the past week I’ve been saying that I’ll get started again in the New Year and then I thought that was a bit daft! Why wait for the calendar to click over, why not start now?

There are lots of plans for 2012 but if we wait until January before we get started the chances are that many won’t happen. So this week before Christmas the blog is getting started again, the filing is being done, and the plan for website updates is being written and things are getting under way. By the time January eventually turns up we’ll be positively motoring along!

In the meantime there are mince pies in the office if you’re passing! And any offers of filing will be gratefully accepted!

New Year Revolutions?

I love this time of year – there is the new year, spread out before you like a clean, blank sheet of paper, untouched by either success or failure. It might be the middle of winter but there is a wonderful feeling of new opportunity. All those things that you meant to do last yearContinue Reading