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Moving Media

Have you thought about how you’d deal with it if your main social media tool fell out of favour? What would that do to your social media strategy?

Yes, I know it isn’t something that you probably want to think about, and anyway, sites like Facebook have pretty much taken over the world. Haven’t they?

Diaspora - FAcebook killer?

It is the imminent arrival of another new kid on the block – Diaspora - that made me start thinking about this. Diaspora are hoping to take on Facebook but at this point it looks a bit like a David and Goliath face-off. But remember who won that one. Over the past few months Facebook have taken a fair bit of stick over their privacy controls and earlier in the year there was a movement trying to encourage a mass defection after Facebook changed the privacy settings (again). Diapsora’s USP is privacy – giving the user complete control over what they publish.

At this point it is impossible to tell what will happen. Diaspora have gathered a mass of media coverage and that will certainly help them but in 6 months, 12 months they may have disappeared again. Or not.

But just suppose that they do start to eat into Facebook’s market. What are you going to do about it? If you use Facebook to post your personal stuff, stay in touch with friends etc then the biggest decision you’ll need to make is whether to move out or have both accounts. If you use Facebook for business then the issues might be a bit more complex.

You may have spent a considerable amount of time and money getting your Facebook page populated with content and fans. Have you given any thought as to how you could move that to a new platform? Is it even possible or will you have to start again?

OK – so at this point it’s all speculation and guesswork. But it is something that you need to keep in mind.

Twitter‘s doing fine but will it always? LinkedIn is the place to be for professional networking but then there is Gist and Business Chamber and they’d like to get some of that space. Remember the days when Yahoo seemed unassailable in search and Google was, well nothing much. Just because they are big now doesn’t mean they’ll be that way forever.

What you can’t do is just pick up your followers and move them like you’d move a set of files from one computer to another. They choose to follow you and they may not choose to move.

Is there an answer to all this? Probably not a simple one at any rate. My suggestion would be to keep an eye on what is happening (or make sure you have someone working with you who can do that). What you don’t want to be is the last one out,¬†turning¬†off the lights.

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