Which Social Media Channel is best for your Business?

Which Social Media Channel is best for your Business?

Which Social Media Channel is best for your Business?

Question Mark and ThinkerThe myriad of different social media channels around nowadays often makes this decision harder rather than easier. Which one do you choose? How many should you choose? It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to do too many things at once and spreading yourself too thinly. Marketing, needless to say, is no different. You may have heard people talking about Facebook, Twitter, blogging, Linkedin etc. etc. and felt a certain professional peer-pressure. “Should I be doing these things too?” The answer, almost certainly, is “Well, yes. But pick one or two to which you can dedicate enough time to do well, and stick with them”. So, which ones should you choose?

What is your business?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is “what is my business?”. It sounds like a silly question, but what I mean is that you should think of the kinds of characteristics that define what you do. Are you a creative company? Managerial/administrative? B2B or B2C? The answers you get will direct you towards a certain social media channel (or channels) and will also help you to answer the next question:

Who are your target demographics?

Blue bird with social media iconsDeciding on the kind(s) of people you want to appeal to is an imperative step in choosing a social media channel for marketing. Is your target audience young or old? Male or female? What are their interests? Although many social media channels can appear to be very similar, their differences often mean that they have a distinct user demographic.

Below, I have included a link to a table that outlines some of the key facts, figures and characteristics of each of the main social media channels. This will help you to compare them all side-by-side and, based on your target market, choose the right one for your business.

Social Media Demographics



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