Info on Insights: People

Info on Insights: People

The very last instalment of the Info on Insights blog is about people. The people tab on your insights feature is an incredibly useful way of tracking the demographics of your fans, and of seeing how many people you reach and engage. This section can also let your know where in the world your fans are coming from, which means that you can start to target and focus your marketing.

Facebook Insights People Graph






The first graph reveals some fantastic statistics about your demographics. It’ll firstly give you some percentages about how many of your fans and people on Facebook are male or female. The graph next to these shows you the age demographics of your fans, all of which is fantastic information when it comes to targeting your marketing. If you try to aim your marketing and advertising at everyone, you’ll probably find that by trying to please everyone you end up pleasing no one. Whether you find that the majority of your audience are 13-17 year old females, or 65+ males, insights will tell you and you can then tailor your brand and your marketing accordingly.

Further along your can change the criteria for the graph to show you statistics on the people you reach and the people you engage. These people are likely to be of the same demographic as your fans, but it’s a convenient way of checking who responds best to your posts and uploads. You can also see data on the demographics of the people who use your business for check-ins so you know who you main customer base is.

Fans Locations GraphUnderneath your can see facts and figures about where in the world your fans come from. The list is divided up to tell your how many people are from each country and each city, and it also tells you what languages your fans speak. This is a helpful graph which can let you know if you’re focusing your marketing or advertising in the right place, and you can also determine if the marketing you’ve focus in a specific country or city is doing its job. Demographics are an essential part of marketing, so make the most of Facebook’s free insights!

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