Info on Insights: An Overview

Info on Insights: An Overview

Facebook Insights OverviewDoing exactly what it says on the tin, the Facebook insights tab is an invaluable tool for any business. Once your page has more than 30 likes, you can view the analytics information on the insights tab to evaluate a substantial selection of information, which is immensely useful when assessing how well your page is performing. It’s worth mentioning, however, that only page administrators have access to this data.

So what can you learn from the overview section? Well, firstly you can review a summary of your page’s performance in three fundamental fields: page likes, post reach and engagement. You’ll see three respective graphs which will help you to quantify the prosperity of your page and assess whether it is meeting your business objectives. These statistics are really valuable when it comes to visualizing and understanding the success of your Facebook marketing.

In the overview section you can also scrutinize the performance of your five most recent posts. This gives you great information on the reach and engagement of each post, which is advantageous for numerous reasons. Primarily, this tool enables you to discern trends in demographics, involvement and usage by giving you data on your reach, comments, likes and shares. With these figures you can then begin to tailor your future marketing in a way which is sure to maximise your Facebook potential. Clever eh?

At the bottom of the overview page you have additional information with which you can also assess the performance of your competitors’ Facebook pages. This cunning component of insights provides you with basic metrics on your competitors’ total page likes, new page likes, posts from the previous week, and engagement from that week. This is a fantastically simple way of keeping an eye on the competition, gauging how well their Facebook business pages are performing, and keeping up to date with news in your sector.

Facebook Graph Insights

So you see, you don’t have to be a Facebook prodigy to get the facts and figures on your Facebook analytics. What’s more, Facebook will conveniently let you export this information onto an Excel spreadsheet so you can keep it for your records. In next week’s blog we’ll move onto part 2 in which we’ll explain more about the “likes” tab, so stay tuned!

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