4 Tips for Facebook Profile and Cover Images

Getting Maximum Value from Your Profile and Cover Images

There are two images on your Facebook page that you need to take more notice of – your profile image and your cover image. It’s easy to upload them and then forget about them so now is a good time to take a fresh look.

1. Make sure your profile image is square

Size matters - getting your Facebook profile image the right sizeMost social media channels have a square space for your profile image. If the picture you use isn’t square you either risk getting part of it chopped off or having the image squashed. The image that appears to the left of your posts is a smaller version of the one that appears with your page cover image, by the time it has been minified it can be hard to see which means that it can be hard to recognise among all the other profile images on Facebook. Check to see what it looks like on a smartphone – that will usually be the smallest size.

2. Don’t keep changing your profile image

When you use social media channels like Facebook and Twitter you probably tend to skim down the posts. You quickly get used to seeing the profiles you want to read. If you keep changing this image then you risk being passed over. Make sure that skim readers can find you and then follow up with good content.

3. But keep your cover image fresh

Every time you change your cover image it is posted as a timeline update. This adds another chance for your updates to appear in your fans news feeds. Which is good!. Make sure your image is the right size - 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall – if it’s too tall you’ll end up losing content, if it’s not wide enough it can end up being stretched which will spoil the look of it.

4. Make it a call to action

Although you can’t put hyperlinks into cover pictures you can encourage interaction. When you click on any cover image Facebook will show you the photo together with a description. By filling out the description and adding contact details such as a phone number, web address etc, you can get more value out of your cover picture.

Facebook cover image


What are your best tips for cover and profile images?

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