5 easy ways to get more social media value

5 easy ways to get more social media value

If you’re using social media tools for your business you’ll want to get the best use out of the content you’re sharing. One comment that I hear frequently when I’m running workshops is ‘but I don’t have time to do everything’. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways that you could get a bit of extra mileage without losing more of your day.


1. Twitter to website

If you’ve got a business Twitter account then you should look at including your tweets on your web page. How you do it will depend on the way your site is constructed. If you’re using a WordPress site then there are lots of plug-ins around which make it very easy. Try a few and see which one you like the best. Or look in the ‘Goodies‘ section of the Twitter website and you’ll find widgets there for websites and Facebook pages.

2. Website to Twitter

You are putting a link to your website from Twitter, aren’t you? You’ll find that quite a lot of traffic to your website comes via Twitter (check your analytics to see) so you know it makes sense to use it. And while you’re at it, just have a look at the page it’s pointing to – it doesn’t have to be your home page – you could even create a landing page for visitors from Twitter.

3. LinkedIn to Twitter

LinkedIn will let you add several Twitter accounts to your profile so that when you update your status you can share it with your Twitter followers. You’ve the option of updating your status without tweeting and, if you have more than one account, you can decide which one receives the update.

When you’re setting up your Twitter accounts you’ll also get the option of sending tweets back to LinkedIn. Choose one of your accounts and you can select whether all your tweets come back to LinkedIn (personally I’m not convinced that is a great idea) or opt to only have the tweets where you include the #in hashtag.

4. Share your slides

Whenever I do a conference or workshop presentation I upload the slides to Slideshare. This has several benefits – I know where I can find a backup if things go wrong (yep, I turned up with the wrong set once!) and you can run them directly off the website (although transitions within a slide don’t work). I can save having to print out loads of sets for the audience – I just tell them where to find them. And as I usually put lots of weblinks in it makes it easy for people to get to the websites without having to type in long web addresses. Oh, and it is a great way for me to show people what I do!

So, if you are sold on the idea of sharing your slides this way then you can stretch it a bit further. On the Slideshare site you’ll find a selection of options for embedding your content into your website. You can tweak the code so that the widgets display what you want – all your presentations or just the ones with a particular tag. Once you’ve done that it is a case of copy and paste into your website html. Simples!

You can get even more mileage by adding the slideshare application to your LinkedIn profile to share with your connections (or anyone else browsing your profile)

And when viewers see your presentations they get a whole range of share options so your presentation could soon be winging its way across the internet without you lifting a finger!

5. Share more

You need to make it really easy for people to share your content. If someone visits your website or blog  and they want to tell other people , what are their options? Do they have to go to the address bar and copy the URL? If they want to share it on Twitter are they then going to have to visit a URL shortener (if they aren’t using something like Seesmic which will shorten it for them)? Will they actually bother?

The answer is that in most cases they probably won’t. So make it easy for them by including a social bookmarking and sharing widget on your site. There are several available for you to try out. I’m currently using Addthis on this site but you could also take a look at ShareThis or Add To Any

None of these options will take you long to set up but they will increase the value of what you are putting out onto the web and once they are done won’t require a lot of attention.

I’ll do another post at a later date on some of the other ways you can increase your reach without too much time but in the meantime what are your favourite ways of getting more value? Post in the comments and I’ll include the best in the follow-up post (with credit and a link!)

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