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10 Tips for happy tweeting

February 16, 2011

Getting more out of Twitter

In some ways Twitter is almost too easy – join up and start tweeting. But if you want to have a happy and useful time on Twitter then here are a handful of tips to improve your experience.

1. You’ve […]

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iPads for Education

February 15, 2011

33 Useful Resources

I’ve just been reading a useful document on iPads for Education by Tim Rudd,¬†which he has kindly allowed me to share with you. Tim used to be at Futurelab but now heads up his own research, development […]

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Digital Identity: This Is Me on the Internet

February 7, 2011

Have you ever Googled someone? Most people have. They use Google (or another search engine) to look up, people such as:

the man their friends have set them up with for a date;
the guy who is going to interview them for a job;
their new neighbours;
their […]

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