Social Media: don’t think pie in the sky, think better bottom line

Hello and welcome to Florizel Media! Based in central Scotland, close to Edinburgh and Glasgow, we provide social media consultancy services for companies that wish to expand, grow and become more profitable.

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What do you know about social media? You’ve probably heard of Facebook and Twitter and all the rest; but are you aware of the fact that these mediums are potentially untapped and cost effective resources for gaining new business as well as building rapport with your customers? With social media increasing in popularity every single day, the question you ask shouldn’t be, ‘should I do social media?’, but rather ‘can I afford not to do social media?’.

At Florizel Media we understand that you may see social media as something that your kids do instead of their homework; but we can assure you that we are very, very serious about this form of marketing and believe it to be an incredibly valuable way to increase your bottom line.

As part of our social media service, we provide the following:

Social Media Training

The best social media comes directly from you rather than via an agency. We can empower you to do your own social media. Our experts can train you in groups or via one-on-one coaching and help you to understand social media and how you can administer it yourself.

Social Media Audits

So, you’ve got social media in place, but you’re not quite sure how well it’s working or how it can be improved in order to benefit your business. Florizel Media can perform a full audit on what you’re currently offering and advise you on how best to improve. We can also perform research into what your competitors are currently doing to enable you to make sure that your output gets results.

Business Intelligence

We understand that you’re so busy running your company that you don’t get time to keep an eye on what’s happening outside. Our Intelligent Intelligence service can do that for you – by keeping a watchful eye on what’s happening with your clients, competitors and suppliers. What are they doing with social media? Have things changed? Are they growing or shrinking? Are there opportunities for your business? Or threats you should avoid? We can be your eyes and ears in the outside world so that nothing takes you by surprise!

What’s next?

Social media and the online world is not going away; so for your business to grow (or even stay the same), call Florizel Media today on 01383 435995.

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